Photo by Dinis Santos

Monika Reut was born in Olsztyn, Poland. She lives and works in Porto, Portugal. She graduated from the Painting Faculty at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk and defended her Master’s thesis under the supervision of professor Krzysztof Gliszczyński in 2018. In 2014 she graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at Gdańsk University of Technology. She is a PhD Candidate at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Porto.

Her installation „CAD Paintings“ won a prize at the III Triennale of Pomeranian Art at the State Art Gallery in Sopot, Poland in the Multimedia category in 2019. She was a finalist of The Largo Midsummer Exhibition at the Largo in Porto, Portugal in 2023; the second and third editions of Prémio Árvore das Virtudes in Porto, Portugal in 2022 and 2023; Concurso Nacional de Jovens Criadores at ISLA Gaia in Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal in 2021; III Triennale of Pomeranian Art at the State Art Gallery in Sopot, Poland in the Painting category in 2019 and of the 8th “Fresh Blood” Young Art Review at Socato Gallery in Wrocław, Poland in 2018.

Her artworks are a part of the collection of the State Art Gallery in Sopot, Poland and private collections in Poland, Spain, Portugal, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Individual exhibitions:

2022.01 – Free Surfaces, State Art Gallery, Sopot, Poland
2021.09 – Keyframes, Temporada Cowork Cafe, Porto, Portugal
2021.07 – Via Roxa, São Rock Climbing, Porto, Portugal
2021.05 – Photosensitivity, Wozownia Sztuk, Frombork, Poland
2021.04 – Photosensitivity, Galeria Stary Ratusz, Olsztyn, Poland
2021.03 – House of Mirrors, Artist’s studio, Porto, Portugal
2020.10 – Galeria Vitrine, Fisga, Porto, Portugal
2019.12 – Photosensitivity, Galeria Żak, Gdańsk, Poland
2018.07 – About Distortion, Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, Poland

Group exhibitions:

2023.11 – Beyond Manual, B93, Enschede, The Netherlands
2023.10 – Prémio Árvore das Virtudes 2023, 3ª edição, A Árvore – Cooperativa de Actividades Artísticas, C. R. L, Porto, Portugal
2023.07 – The Largo Midsummer Exhibition, The Largo, Porto, Portugal
2022.11 – Prémio Árvore das Virtudes 2022, 2ª edição, A Árvore – Cooperativa de Actividades Artísticas, C. R. L, Porto, Portugal
2022.03 – Tocar, Suspender, Cingir e Pender…, oMuseu, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Porto, Portugal
2021.11 – Concurso Nacional de Jovens Criadores, ISLA Gaia, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal
2021.08 – Overlay, Circus Network, Porto, Portugal
2019.02 – 3rd Triennale of Pomeranian Art, State Art Gallery, Sopot, Poland
2018.11 – Co Creative Connections 7 movi mento momento, Sport Club do Porto – Ginasio Torres Vilas, Porto, Portugal
2018.11 – Swiatloobiekty, Centre for Contemporary Art Laznia, Nowy Port, Gdansk, Poland
2018.10 – 8th “Fresh Blood” Young Art Review, Socato Gallery, Wroclaw
2018.05 – Light as a Creative Tool, Plenum, Gdansk, Poland
2018.05 – Sopocka Bagietka, Willa Bergera, Sopot, Poland
2018.01 – Mikstury Kultury, Music Academy in Gdansk, Poland
2017.12 – Trisity, Zbrojownia Sztuki, Gdansk, Poland
2017.11 – Jak jest?, Galeria Labirynt, Lublin, Poland
2017.11 – II Urodziny WL4, Festiwal Przestrzen Sztuki – Ostatni Dym, WL4 – Art Space, Gdansk, Poland
2017.10 – Chodowiecki na urodzinach u Grassa – happening/videomapping, Dom Daniela Chodowieckiego i Güntera Grassa, Gdansk, Poland
2017.07 – Deja-vu, Galeria Oitavo, Hospital Central Especializado de Crianças Maria Pia, Porto, Portugal
2016.07 – ProsAesthetis, Hospital de Prelada, Porto, Portugal
2015.08 – Gdansk School of Mural exhibition, AMTAP, Chisinau, Moldova


2023.10-11 – ARE Artistic Residencies Enschede, The Netherlands
2022.08 – Festival Fenda, Noite Branca, Braga, Portugal


2023.07 – Introduction to Augmented Reality with Artivive, Circuito Summer School, gnration, Braga, Portugal


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Reut, Monika. Expansion of a painting through visual techniques as a way of multidimensional reception of the artwork. Master, Akademia Sztuk Pieknych w Gdansku, 2018.