Artist Statement

My first inspirations were contemporary architecture and it’s concurrence with art. I was looking for a common ground between architecture and painting. At the course of my search I encountered parametric design. It became the subject of my artworks and a method I create with.

The structure I work with resembles a 3dimensional grid. All the objects drawn, painted and animated by me are defined by distorted lines of the grid.

Firstly I worked with existing objects, such as the Metropol Parasol viewpoint in Seville, Spain. Then I started creating my own digital 3d models. Finally, I started to hand draw the structures – once I learned the rules of construction and perspective. That is how my paintings are created now. It was a bit of a reverse architectural design process.

The subject of my paintings is also the relation between the human body and a digitally created structure. Once I mastered the computer software to achieve the structure I wanted I decided I am not completely satisfied with the perfection offered by the computer. I realised I appreciate the human error and the naturality of human movement. They appeal to me more than perfect and smooth digital forms. I choose the natural structures. The grid – alien, in a way, antinatural – creates a perfect contrast with the abilities of my hand and eye.

The “perfect”, “smooth” and “ideal” forms served as a base for animations. I was fascinated with the possibility to make an artwork alive and moving, with the infinite possibilities of deforming and manipulating the image. It was interesting to see how an initial idea changes and deforms various times – from the sketch on paper till the painting on canvas; from drawing till 3d model till animation; finally the animation distorted by the surface of projection.

In my artistic practice I prefer to think of projects rather than separate artworks.

My three individual exhibitions: “Free Surfaces”, “About Distortion” and “Photosensitivity” can serve as examples. Each of those projects responds to a certain topic of my artistic research. “Free Surfaces” is a reflection on capitalist, accelerated society and forms of resisting it through artistic creation. “About Distortion” asks questions about the distortion of reality caused by projection methods such as mirrors or video projections. “Photosensitivity” was my first experience with augmented reality technology and the exhibition brought more questions and concerns about the excess of new technology in the contemporary world where new software and devices are being developed and progress daily at an alarmingly fast speed.

I explore the abilities new technologies provide me with. I combine painting, drawing and silkscreen printing with animation, videoprojection and augmented reality. The „CAD Paintings“, “Augmented Reality Mural” and “Struktura” are valuable examples of these experiments. It is a method of working I continue to create with each time with more moral awareness, with a gain of new experience and careful observation of new technologies. With every new such practice I realize the importance of selection, reduction and focusing on less complex factors. Currently I am dedicating myself more to traditional oil painting, drawing and writing.